17 July 2013

You may have missed ...

Another selection of links to articles which interested me but which you may have missed ...

How the Greeks won the world.

The government's former "Drugs Tsar", Prof. David Nutt sets out to demonstrate that in banning qat, the government may as well ban cats. This simple analogy shows how absurd the basis for the home secretary's drug prohibition plan really is.

More on government madness ... why shouldn't we re-nationalise the railways?

A scientist documents what it's like to travel to the bottom of the ocean. It's a bit short on the "wow" factor though.

Scientists discover a new bird species, exactly where they didn't expect it: in urban Phnom Penh.

Tarmac, berry fruits and old socks ... Proof, if such were needed, that wine-tasting is junk science.

More junk science ... Why the myth of Bigfoot is so persistent.

Doubtless all you girls know about HPV and cervical cancer, but what about the incidence of HPV in men?

Seems that sperm like all that girly perfume.

On Caecilius’ willy.

Sacks of nuts! Why all may not be what it seems in the scrotal regions.

Oh no! We're descending into the nether regions of hell! Did you know that London once had a nude bus?

And finally ... Why do we indulge in cunnilingus? Is there more to it than just having a good time? Scicurious lifts the kimono.

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