04 July 2013

You may have missed ...

Another round-up of items I spotted which you may not have done ...

According to the Met Office the UK's current run of awful summers is set to continue for some years. Although they are also saying this month should be hot and sunny. Who you gonna believe?

Germ warfare, in the guise of antibiotics, may be changing the way we humans actually work.

At least one mother of my acquaintance would like words with the designer of the female reproductive equipment. Now Prof. Alice Roberts asks why childbirth is such hard labour and what science is telling us about it.

Trouble having an orgasm? Try your feet! WTF!!

On the more artistic side, the British Museum is to host an exhibition about sex in Japanese art in 2014. Excellent! We need sexuality normalised not marginalised or criminalised. Must see!

Following on from which, why are we so concerned about what might be "age inappropriate". Surely what's appropriate is whatever I feel like? So who cares what the neighbours or the kids think? Isn't life there to be lived?

So modernity is nothing new; we've always been avant garde and there have always been old 'uns who object to it. There was even social networking in the 17th century. Starbucks eat your heart out!

Boys... you ain't having as much as you think you are!

So are we able to make ourselves happier? Seems we might be able to, at least up to a point.

Well we know that swearing is nothing new, it's just that we change the swearwords occasionally. Now there's a history of swearing.

Yes, it's wonderful! But do we actually know what wonder is, how it works and how it contributed to civilisation? Researchers are trying to find out.

An angler reckons he's caught a 200 year old fish off Alaska. If confirmed this will be a new record age for a fish. Just wow!

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