08 July 2013

Weekly Photograph

I found these two feathers from a Rose-Ringed Parakeet (aka. Ring-necked Parakeet, Psittacula krameri) in the garden on Saturday. Considering that we have these birds around the garden almost continually it is surprising that these are the first such feathers I've found.

The larger is about 11 cm from tip to tip and given the curvature on it (which the photo doesn't show) it is almost certainly a primary (probably P4) — you can see the black on the wings feathers (probably P1/P2) of the bird shown below. For a naturally moulted feather it is in remarkable condition, and the green is wonderfully iridescent.

The smaller feather is about 4 cm from tip to tip so is probably a breast feather. It really is that very lemony yellow. There were a couple of parakeets sitting in the top of our silver birch tree while we were sitting outside eating tea and I actually saw this feather floating gently onto the lawn.

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Parakeet Feather
Parakeet Feather
Parakeet Feathers
(the relative sizes are approximately correct)
Greenford, 7 July 2013

And yes, they are from one of these beauties ...

Ring-Neck Parakeet
Ring-Necked Parakeet
Greenford, March 2012

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