05 June 2013

World Oceans Day

Another "world day" this week comes around on Saturday 8 June; it is World Oceans Day.

World Ocean Day is the planet’s biggest celebration of the ocean and the theme for World Ocean Day this year (and next) is 'together we have the power to protect the ocean!'. Yep, we're all being asked to do our bit to help protect our oceans.

Oceans are incredibly important to the whole balance of the planet. We get most of our oxygen from the sea. They provide us with water to drink and bathe in ... fish (and plants too) to eat ... not to mention pharmaceuticals etc. The oceans probably also contain more unknown species than terrestrial environments; scientists are discovering hundreds, if not thousands, of new pelagic species every year.

In short, oceans are a bit of a miracle! But a miracle that we are polluting with plastic and chemicals, and whose life (especially fish) we're raping unsustainably.

There's a whole raft of small things you can do to help. Find out over on the World Oceans Day website, http://worldoceansday.org/.

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