23 June 2013

More Links ...

OK, so here's another round of links to items which may be of passing interest and which caught my eye (and brain). Hopefully they might interest you too ...

Journalist Carole Cadwalladr reports on the somewhat unexpected side-effects of having her whole genome sequenced and finding out some of what it means.

What happens when you research TB? Australian Journalist Jo Chandler finds out the hard way and gets very lucky.

Unearthing the secrets of the Crusaders: how a castle toilet still holds evidence of their parasites.

We know that a large percentage of drug trial results are never published, usually because they don't agree with what the trial wanted to find. Now some experts are having another go at finding a way to force publication.

Seems that plants have body clocks and that your cabbage lives on in your fridge. I suppose this shouldn't be too surprising although it is slightly scary and seriously weird! As Elizabeth Berry said Shipping is a terrible thing to do to vegetables. They probably get jet-lagged, just like people.

Talking of food, there are many wacky notions that ingredients added to our food are poisoning us. Pharmaceutical chemist Derek Lowe does a hatchet job on some of the claims.

Man plays at being God and fails. Prepare to be surprised at some of the world's ten most invasive fish species.

So just why are scientific names so important?

Are you a native English speaker? And interested in the language? Then you can contribute to the understanding of English dialects by taking part in the Cambridge Online Survey of World Englishes.

Here's a piece from British Naturism on how the proposed Anti-Social Behaviour Bill is a threat to everyone's lifestyle. Needless to say BN are most concerned about naturism, but it goes much, much wider than that because of the poor wording.

A short but thoughtful piece from ICUK (who are my ISP) on the challenges of internet filtering.

Oh dear, the Chief Rabbi is lamenting the decline in the intellectual quality of atheists. The Heresy Corner isn't impressed with the intellectual qualities of the Chief Rabbi and takes him apart limb by limb.

Now this is seriously and brilliantly insane: armour for your guinea pig!

And finally, did you ever wonder what else you could use that penis cake mould for? Wonder no more!

Enjoy your cake!

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