02 June 2013

In which I worry about Bishops ...

... or more precisely, retired Archbishops.

The BBC reported a few days ago that according to Lord Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, allowing Gay marriage "paves way for polygamy".
In an article for the think tank Civitas, Lord Carey ... argues that the government is effectively seeking to change the definition of marriage to "a long-term commitment between two people of any sex, in which gender and procreation are irrelevant".

He says he does not want to be "alarmist", but that could logically be extended to "say, two sisters bringing up children together" or "multiple relationships, such as two women and one man".
Let's just leaving aside the fact that this is an absolute load of old baloney — the relationships his Lordship cites have been happening since time immortal, so where's the problem? But I do worry what school Lord Carey went to when he can clearly think that two women plus one man is two people. Do divines have different arithmetic rules to the rest of us? Or has he actually lost his marbles?

Fortunately others of Lord Carey's colleagues are more sane:
[T]he Bishop of Salisbury, the Rt Rev Nicholas Holtham suggested in a letter to the Telegraph that it was time to "rethink" attitudes about same-sex marriage, as Christians had done with slavery and apartheid. "No one now supports either slavery or apartheid. The Biblical texts have not changed; our interpretation has."
And in a brilliant response to Lord Carey ...
Stonewall chief executive Ben Summerskill said: "This is regrettably hyperbolic shroud waving".
You just have to love someone who can talk about "hyperbolic shroud waving"!

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