16 June 2013

Did you miss ...?

A further instalment in our irregular series bringing you links to interesting items you may have missed.

First up ... Two articles on the pathetic way in which most men think, and (try to) interact with women. KMA Sullivan reports the notion that Women are Bitches. Meanwhile xenoglossy @ literary reference asks why men think all girls are girlfriends rather than accepting simple friendship. If that's the best men's intelligence can do then gawd 'elp us!

What can we learn from children's writing? Basically not a lot we couldn't have guessed!

Two articles on the amazing find of a clutch of eight Bronze Age dugout canoes found in a Cambridgeshire fen. The first from the Independent; the second from the Guardian.

Headstone Manor

While on the historical, Diamond Geezer has visited Headstone Manor (above), apparently the oldest timber-framed building in Middlesex. It isn't far from me, so looks like a must visit. It should be interesting, especially if they actually finish restoring it.

And now for several items for the scientifically curious amongst you. Desmids are microscopic plants with strange beauty and behaviour.

A rather scary story about people who have fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva which gradually grows extra bone and freezes the body.

We know that our bodies contain billions of bacteria, which are necessary for life as we know it, but we also contain trillions of symbiotic viruses. Carl Zimmer has the low-down.

Scientists reckon they're well on the way to a workable vaccine against Delhi Belly.

A UN report says there will be no rise in cancer rates after Fukushima disaster. That seems simplistic to me, although the increase is likely to be very low and as has been reported may times over the last couple of years the psychological effects are likely to be far more damaging.

How do our bodies know where to grow our asymetrically placed organs? Why are hearts (almost) always on the left? And what happens when this mechanism breaks down? It's a long article (over two pages) but well worth a read.

And finally something on evolution: ten evolutionary wonders of fish. Cod and chips will never be the same again!

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