07 June 2013

Bike to School Week

The week beginning Monday 10 June is Bike to School Week.

The idea is to encourage children to travel to school on their bikes. Cycling is good exercise and reducing car mileage has to be good for the environment; and it teaches children basic roadcraft. Moreover cycling is fun; it's something I wish I was still able to do.

Yes, if you're going to start cycling there are a few things you need to think about, but they're not difficult. Firstly, ensure that your bike is in good working order: check the tyres, lights etc. You should plan your route, so that you know exactly where you are going and what the road junctions are like — and always make sure that someone knows the route you will be taking. And last, not not least, be safe and wear a helmet.

Teachers!? No you're not excused; you're expected to join in. Bike to School Week isn't just for the kids!

Find more information on how to get started over at www.sustrans.org.uk/change-your-travel/children-and-families/schools/bike-school-week.

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