13 May 2013

You might have missed ...

Another selection of links to stories you may have missed, in no order at all ...

It all starts with Walter de la Mare and becomes a discussion of how the strange and weird become memorable; how ghosts are more real than reality.

Apparently there is nothing which will actually convince you to change your lifestyle, so don't bother telling me!

Report on a visit to the Lyme Regis Fossil Festival.

How high can a human throw something? Would it be possible to throw a golf ball into space? What If? investigates.

Sex educator Emily Nagoski on how to be a sex educator for beginners. We all need to know this — parents especially.

In which Diamond Geezer reworks and updates the English class system. I'm not sure it's quite right, but the general drift is good.

The Guardian seems to think they can tell us all what rules of grammar we need to know. Kettle — pot — black?

Are boobs better without bras? From a male perspective, definitely. Anatomically, well it seems it's a possible maybe.

Archaeologists have been working on mapping the medieval Suffolk town of Dunwich which was lost to the North Sea. I thought we knew most of the map, but I guess it's about seeing what is still there.

Birds are descended from dinosaurs, right? Well actually they probably are dinosaurs. XKCD shows how a T. rex is closer to your average sparrow than it is to a Stegosaurus.
Chicken in a basket takes on a whole new complexion!

Now here's another interesting take on Mervyn Peake's Gormenghast trilogy. They're 60 or so years old, but can maybe serve as an allegory for the modern world.

We're all descended from Charlemagne. Well all Europeans are. At least statistically. Allegedly. Carl Zimmer investigates.

Finally it seems those brutish Neanderthals were somewhat more advanced than most of us realise. And of course Europeans are all around 4% Neanderthal. So just be careful who you insult!

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