03 May 2013

You May have Missed ...

Our not-very-regular round-up of items I spotted and you may have missed. As usual in no special order, except we'll start with the historical ...

Henry VIII's warship the Mary Rose sank in The Solent in 1545 and was recovered some 30 years ago. Ever since then archaeologists have been discovering more and more about the wreck. Now they are suggesting that the Mary Rose may have had armour-piercing cannonballs, some three-centuries earlier than they were thought to have been invented.

Archaeologists have also uncovered a 4400-year-old female skeleton near Windsor. What's unusual is the large number of high-class, including gold, artefacts suggesting that Windsor may have been a royal hideout for 3000 years longer than we thought.

Meanwhile in Egypt archaeologists are working to uncover the sunken remains of the ancient lost city of Heracleion, near the head of the Nile Delta. They've been at it for some years already but reckon they may have 200 years work yet to do!

Back at home and much nearer our time, zoologists have been investigating the (stuffed) remains of a lynx shot dead in England in about 1903. Yes, there have been (maybe still are) large wild cats loose in the UK as it seems this one is a Canadian Lynx which had lived for around 10 years in captivity before escaping and being shot soon afterwards.

Many people erroneously believe that Oliver Cromwell made it illegal to eat Mince Pies on Christmas Day. This is one of many myths about what ancient laws allow or forbid in England. Recently the Law Commission published a list of some of these.

Brad Warner is an American zen teacher and punk rocker who generally talks sense. Here he muses on the recent Boston bombings and his reaction to them.

In a similar vein here's a thoughtful op-ed piece from the Daily Telegraph on the rights of the state to snoop on its citizens.

Apparently some female in Australia is getting hot under the collar because she keeps having her pussy shaved.

Boys, are you worried about your declining sperm count? If so, wear a skirt. Apparently kilts, especially worn Scots-style (ie. with nothing underneath) are good for the balls, because they're then kept at the temperature Nature intended. (And there are lots of other benefits too!) Even easier: just wear nothing.

On the other side of the sex divide, Prof. Alice Roberts is being rightfully indignant about the commercialisation of NHS maternity services and wards.

And the BBC has reported about medics who are trying to get a better understanding the details of how the womb and childbirth work. I must say it all sounds like trying to medicalise something which is better left to Nature — but then what do I know?

Finally a disturbing report about how the 18th and 19th centuries thought about the dangers of masturbation for women. Lads if you think the Victorians had a downer on your habits, it's nothing to what they thought about their girlies prospects! It makes cross-dressing look positively tame!

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