20 May 2013

Weekly Photograph

Each week when I choose my weekly photograph I try to do it at random from those I've posted over the years on Flickr. This week the dice fell on a crazy self-portrait I did some years ago when I was doing a self-portrait a week project.

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Hockneylated & 13 Artists

Hockneylated & 13 Artists
Self-portrait; January 2009

The 13 artists referred to are given in the original caption:

This week's self-portrait: 52 Weeks 46/52 (2009 week 02).
I think the time has come to do another 13 things, so here are 13 painters I admire:
1. David Hockney
2. Nicolas Poussin
3. MC Escher
4. Leonardo da Vinci
5. Hans Holbein
6. Albrecht Durer
7. Eric Gill
8. Willem van de Velde the Younger
9. My mother
10. Rembrandt
11. Mark Boxer
12. Osbert Lancaster
13. Pieter Bruegel the Elder

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