01 May 2013

Listening to 'Flu

Back last September I wrote about a Scientific American article which proposed that to reduce the spread of 'flu we should vaccinate children — because it is children, not the elderly, immuno-compromised etc., who are the super-spreaders.

Imagine my astonishment yesterday to see that the UK government is proposing to do just this! Yes that's right, they're going to give every child (aged from 2 to 17) an annual 'flu inoculation. According to yesterday's Independent report:
All children aged two will be offered a nasal flu vaccine from this September. The programme will be rolled out to all primary and pre-school children next year, with secondary school pupils starting to be vaccinated in 2015.
OK, it would be good if it could all be rolled out this year, but I guess it may in part depend on the vaccine producers' ability to ramp up production as well as the ability to get suitably trained staff in place to do the work.

But I'm astonished that the politicians have actually listened. I'm even more astonished that they appear to be willing to find the money. Let's hope dream turns into reality.

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