01 May 2013

Get Walking Week

Get Walking Week happens from 4 to 11 May. The purpose is to encourage people to get out and discover the pleasures, and health benefits, of walking.

It's not about having a big strenuous work-out! Most of the planned walks are under 5 miles, and no-one says you can't enjoy starting off with a short stroll. Even people like me with crocked knees can probably manage a stroll round the block! [So why don't I do it? Maybe this is the incentive!]

Sometimes there is an assumption that walking is just boring — we walk all the time, so where's the fun? But taking the time out to enjoy just walking in the outdoors has huge benefits, both physical and mental. You'll see new things; begin to appreciate Nature more; meet new people; stop and chat to your neighbours or the local farmer.

There's a lot more information, including walking routes and events, on the Get Walking website at www.getwalking.org.

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