17 May 2013


No today isn't Friday, it's Food-day. It has been one long food-a-thon of a day.

We started off this morning with our usual jaunt to the supermarket; we were slightly late this morning and got caught up with all the urchins going to school. It goes as follows from arrival at Waitrose ... Look at the meat to see if there are any good bargains or reductions. Having done that off to the café for breakfast — tea and a bacon roll for me; coffee and sausage in a bun for Noreen — and a chance to wake up! Then we stroll round the store filling our trolley and ending with the fruit and veg.

This morning we struck lucky with the meat bargains. Short date chicken pieces reduced; and chicken livers. Same with duck breast roast. And sausage meat. And some lamb leg steaks. Hmmm ... OK ... lots of meat with short dates. No problem! Oh, there's no room in the freezer. Ah! OK! ... Hmmm ...

And so much of the good fruit and veg was also on "3 for 2" offer: Jersey Royal potatoes, English strawberries, English raspberries, blueberries (OK, they were Spanish), and English asparagus. We just couldn't lose today.

Finally home about 1115 for a quick sit down and a cuppa before lunch.

So after lunch we have to set to and deal with all this meat. Duck roast straight in the oven; done in 40 minutes and ready to be eaten cold, with asparagus salad, tomorrow.

Second. Make some yoghurt-y curry marinade for the chicken pieces. They're sitting in the fridge until tomorrow, when they'll be baked for cold on Sunday.

Then we have to deal with chicken livers and sausage meat. That means only one thing: an enormous terrine; basically a variant on my Game Terrine. Lots of chopping, messing and seething, but this is now sitting being pressed and cooling.

At that point we ran out of steam, and were in danger of running out of time too. So we had a clear up and another cuppa ... before rounding everything off with a lamb sag curry and a couple of beers.

OK, so we failed with the apple, strawberry and raspberry crumble. That'll have to wait until tomorrow — for a fresh supply of energy and a couple of dishwasher runs!

But that, to me, is a hugely successful day, as we have some great food lined up for much of the next week. Most of it at bargain prices! And all done by hand from fresh ingredients.

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