27 May 2013

Auction Oddities

Once more unto the auction, dear brethren. We bring you some oddities from the catalogue of our local saleroom's upcoming auction. As so often it is the odd juxtapositions and typos which add to the overall effect.

Lot 004 £30-50
A large

Yes, that really is all it says!

An 1896 South African half pond, [sic] estimated weight 4.3grm.

Lot 180 £15-25
A small

I'm glad the estimate is lower than for lot 004!

2 well presented postcard albums, a collection of Smiths potato crisps dinner and dance menus dating from the 1920′s to 1960′s. WWI Sweatheart cards, WWII letters and 2 telegrams.

A trilby hat by G A Dunn and Co, Orange hanging lightshade, two framed paintings by Peter Hodson, blue and white lidded tureen, collection of Crest ware, Golden Shred, Cherry Blossom moot [sic] polish and Bisto advertising plaques, table lamp, glassware ...

Large meat platters incl one with drainage and a well, Shaving cup, a Fosters studio glugger in the form of a fish, two sailor dolls, commemorative china, Aynsley cups and saucers with a milk jug, boxed View Master, two bagatelle boards, gas mask ...

A collection of various small wooden birds labelled and in bags hanging on a wooden stand; wooden duck, blue jay, horned owl, Canadian warbler and many more, also a collection of wooden birds, letter openers

A pair of brass five [sic] dogs, a brass lamp in the form of a candlestick, three weavers shuttles, another table lamp, brown leather Slazenger bag containing boules ...

An old 3 and half Octave in an Oak case

A pair of iron garden urns of traditional 10th c.design

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