14 April 2013

You may have missed ...

Our irregular round-up of links to interesting (well to me, anyway) items you may have missed. In no special order ...

First up an oldish item from Physicist Sean Carroll on what is science, what is not science, how we can tell, and how we examine he world about us.

"Bring us a shrubbery". Researchers have found that the greener (plant-wise) an area the lower the crime rate.

Now here's a puzzle. How does Polynesian DNA mysteriously show up in a Brazilian tribe on the wrong side of South America? Even the researchers find their conclusions unsatisfactory.

OK, so does penis size really matter? Men always think it does. Women tell us it doesn't. Turns out both are right — just.

Your time machine should be delivered this week. So ready for your trip back to Tudor times researchers have written the Good Pub Guide for the 16th century.

Sheep. Real sheep. Artificial sheep. On roundabouts!? Well why not?

There are a lot more cat species than we usually realise. Here's a list of the six most endangered feline species. They could easily have made that a list of a dozen.

Life and death in Pompeii and Herculaneum is the British Museum's latest blockbuster exhibition which is getting rave reviews. I'm hoping to get to it this week.

Travelling on business? Finding you're lonely in your hotel? Why not hire a goldfish?

Dig a hole almost anywhere in central London and you'll find something historically interesting. There's a huge construction site at Bank where the archaeologists are recovering literally thousands of pieces of Roman London from building timbers to shoes.

Finally one for the ladies. A French researcher has come to the conclusion that girls may as well throw away their bras because they don't actually do any good, regardless of the size or shape of what you put in them. Maybe that'd be good for use men too?

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