09 March 2013

You Might also have Missed ...

Our regular round-up of link to stories you may have missed, and will probably be glad you had. :-)

Now just what are they doing beneath the streets of London? Oh, yes, doing a marathon dig to create the tunnels for Crossrail. Here are some mind-boggling photographs.

Worried recently about getting hit by a meteor? You're not the only one, 'cos the little green men need to start worrying too. Apparently next year Mars may take a hit from a comet, or more likely its tail.

In other astronomical news, here's a piece on how other objects dance around Earth in our orbit round the sun.

Closer to home, apparently British couples argue twice a week about the mess they live in.

Well who would have guessed? Dieting makes you feel guilty not thinner.

And while we're all feeling aggrieved, here's a rant about the lack of) science behind the idea of trying to determine someone's ancestral origins from a simple DNA test, as many direct-to-consumer ancestry companies do.

And here's one for the thinkers out there. Physicist Sean Carroll considers the relationship between science and morality, with diversions into what science and philosophy actually are and how they aren't mutually exclusive.

After which we probably need to settle into bed with a good erotic story — if we can find one. Rowan Pelling, former editrice of the Erotic Review, reckons really good sex scenes are hard to find.

Never mind, here's a story about a visit to Iceland's infamous Penis Museum. It doesn't sound all that entertaining really.

Continuing one of our recurrent themes, here's one girl's thoughts about whether to shave her pubic garden or not.

Finally we bring you an interactive map of (some of) the vaguely rude place-names of the world.

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