07 March 2013

World Book Day

Today is apparently World Book Day — but only in the UK and Ireland.

I have just two observations:
  1. If it is only in the UK and Ireland it isn't WORLD Book Day is it!
    Apparently the rest of the world celebrates World Book Day on 23 April — which is Shakespeare's birthday, and hence a much more appropriate day. But of course we can't do that because (a) it might clash with Easter holidays when children (at whom this is largely aimed) aren't in school and (b) it is St George's Day (which never mattered to the English before).

  2. And anyway, who knew? I'm a book-o-phile, and I didn't know. Which shows just how well publicised it has been.
Come on guys: must do better! Let's get this together. It's especially important that we engage kids in reading — reading anything will do! So let's get together with the rest of the world, celebrate a single day and get the publicity working.

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