09 March 2013

Word: Fud


For a small, emphatic word it is surprising that this is one which appears to have little if any use. That's possibly because it is largely Scots and northern dialect. So what does it mean?
  1. The backside or buttocks.
  2. The tail or scut of a hare, rabbit, etc.
  3. Woollen waste for mixing with mungo and shoddy. [Although the OED isn't certain about this]
  4. The pubic hair (especially of a woman) and hence the female genitals. [Now scatological]
The last of these meanings is the earliest quoted by the OED in the 1771 poem The Hen-peckt Carter by James Wilson Claudero
Each hair of her fud is the length of a span,
What fud can compare with the fud of Joan?
Yes it is surprisingly little used given its scatological possibilities.

[Found in Mark Forsyth, The Horologicon]

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