24 March 2013

Things You May have Missed

Another round-up of links to items you may have missed.

Apparently there is now evidence for what we've always been told: meditating (or anything like it) for at least 8 weeks is good for you — both the brain and the body.

Just as I always suspected: the horrible Myers-Briggs personality test is at best totally without foundation and at worst a complete con.

More confirmation of our suspicions. Bikini line waxing and shaving increases the risk of infection. One piece from the BBC and another from the Telegraph — same piece of news, slightly different slants.

So just what is my cat thinking? And how might we ever be able to find out?

Scientists have confirmed that there really is only one species of Kraken — that giant squid which is found all around the globe. Yes, this was unexpected and they don't know why it is so.

Records have been analysed (don't you love these navel-gazing scientists!) which show that the sound of the March 2011 Fukushima earthquake was detected out in space. Actually that's quite awesome when you think about it.

Our civilisation is built on a network of networks, so a failure almost anywhere can bring the whole lot tumbling down. Luckily mathematicians are now starting to work out how to design the networks so this doesn't happen. Sounds like it ain't too easy though.

Think you've got a tough job? Pity the poor bugger who has to project manage building Hinkley Point C nuclear power station. Even as a project manager it makes my brain hurt just reading about it!

Well yes, if you go digging holes anywhere in central London you're almost bound to dig up bones! Archaeologists working with the Crossrail contract have found what they believe to be a Black Death Plague burial site at Charterhouse Square. Only one?!

Divers have been back to the wreck which produced the Antikythera machine. It looks interesting if there's the money to excavate it properly.

OK so Catholic priests being arraigned for alleged sexual assault isn't new. But it is when the said priest admits he's married. I wonder how many more there are?

Just for all the history geeks out there, here's a list of some of the (Latin) names the Romans gave their horses.

Finally, I leave you with a WARNING ... Wash that salad well, boys and girls, because it seems it is more likely to make you ill than the much-reviled beefburger. Especially beware of the pre-washed, bagged and ready-to-eat stuff the supermarkets peddle.

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