06 March 2013

Five Questions, Series 3, #5

OK, guys & gals, we've come to the last of the Five Questions I posed some weeks ago. So here goes ...

Question 5. If you could get everyone who reads this to do one thing, just once, what would you get them to do?

Now this probably isn't going to come as a surprise to many of you but I think my answer would have to be:
To go completely nude in public, or just in their garden, for 1 hour during the hours of daylight with their friends and/or family.
Those who read here regularly will how I believe that we would all be better adjusted mentally, and healthier, if we were all more comfortable with our bodies, nudity, sex and sexuality. We would be more comfortable discussing "intimate" matters with our doctors so we wouldn't delay seeking help for supposedly embarrassing ailments. We need to normalise nudity and sexuality, not marginalise and criminalise them.

To go nude, with friends and family is the start of this process. I was brought up in a family where nudity was nothing to be remarked about, and indeed quite normal. Consequently I have no fear of being nude, of seeing other others nude, nor of discussing anything "embarrassing" with my doctor. There's nothing to be ashamed of, or embarrassed about — at the end of the day we all know, give or take the odd scar and mole, what's underneath those jeans and t-shirt. So where's the problem?

And no, being the wrong size or shape isn't an excuse! We're all the wrong size and shape, because there is no right size and shape! We're all different. Some are tall, some short; some fat, some thin; some have darker skin than others; some have larger or smaller accoutrements than others. It's all normal. And the variety is all part of the spice of life. No men, you don't end up getting an erection (and frankly so what if you do, it's natural); girls don't end up looking at every bloke's dangly bits; and men don't spend their whole time ogling girls' chests (or lower). No-one gives stuff whether you shaved there or not. And no, it doesn't pervert children; they're actually remarkable unfazed by it all and there's actually evidence they end up better adjusted. So you end up behaving like civilised beings! Try asking the Swedes, where anything other than a totally nude, mixed sauna is seen as rather odd.

Indeed if we could get people to experience social nudity, then I bet that a good proportion of them would actually enjoy it and find it liberating. They may well end up wondering what all the fuss was about.

In my view social nudity is a basic human right, and I think all public swimming pools etc. should have to provide a few hours of clothes optional sessions every week. I bet it would soon catch on (and no, not for those reasons).

Try it, you might like it!

-- oo OO oo --

OK, that concludes Five Questions, Series 3. I'll do another series in a while.

Meantime, do please suggest suitable questions for consideration.

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