23 February 2013

You may have missed ...

Yet another in our somewhat irregular (well it is supply dependent) collection of links to items you may have missed. In some sort of random-ish order ...

It seems no-one knew how owls manage to rotate their necks through almost 360 degrees. Now they do; it's all down to some rather bizarre anatomy.

Is there economic opportunity in our current difficulties? A different take on our present predicament.

This seems like old news now, but here are a couple of reports on the "discovery" of the remains of Richard III: one from medievalists.net and a photoset from BBC News.

England is often held up as having some weird and outdated laws, but no longer. Here's a picture report from the Telegraph of examples from around the world. I'm especially boggled by number 14.

Then again only the English would worry about the intricacies of bubble and squeak!

Over in the Land of the Free there's been a bit of a brouhaha stirred up by actress Lena Dunham quite unashamedly appearing nude in her new show Girls. It seems that USanians aren't perturbed specifically be the nudity (oh, yeah?) but by the fact the Dunham does not conform to the toned, tanned and (almost) anorexic look that is always pedalled as being "normal". She is a regular girl, with normal breasts and decent-sized thighs. The is held up to be disgusting. Anyway here are three pieces of commentary dissecting the objections: How Lena Dunham Breaks the Rules of Naked TV & Why We Love Her For It; What Lena Dunham's Nudity Says About Us and The Audacity of Lena Dunham

While we're on the subject of brouhahas, we can't pass on without a couple of items on the horse meat scandal. Two nicely balanced pieces about the risks and issues: first from GrrlScientist and the second from Occam's Corner, both in the Guardian.

So here's the latest idea to keep your marriage on the straight and narrow; write a quarterly (the reports actually say every 4 months) report for each other about a recent disagreement. Seems to me all this is going to do is to highlight the cracks in the plaster and drive a wedge into them. Sceptical? Me?

Another piece of idiocy from the Land of the Free: a report on injuries inflicted during pubic hair grooming and which entail a visit to hospital. In the words of René Artois: The monde biggles.

For some reason which passes my comprehension, London Underground are installing a labyrinth in every tube station. I like labyrinths and mazes, but I am impelled to ask: Why?

Finally, something you won't find in every London Underground station: a public lavatory. Apparently Brighton council have decided that henceforth their public loos will be "gender neutral", ie. unisex. And about bloody time, say I; where's the problem. The French have been at it for years and they don't seem to have any problem. And many offices are now making their loos unisex. Makes a lot of sense to me. But it's different, and we don't like change.

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