03 February 2013

Word: Yaffle.

  1. (n) The green woodpecker or it's call. (Onomatopoeic from its call.)
  2. hence ...
  3. (n & v) The call of the green woodpecker
  4. and also ..
  5. (n & v) A bark, a yelp.
  6. (n) (Newfoundland dialect) A handful; an armful, esp. of dried fish or kindling.
  7. hence ...
  8. (v) To gather up (a load of fish, etc.) in one's arms.
  9. (v) To eat or drink, esp. noisily or greedily.
Who remembers Bagpuss and Prof. Yaffle?

1 comment:

  1. I do, of course - but I was more familiar with the word yaffingale when younger.