11 February 2013

Silly Meme

This meme is doing the rounds on Facebook. Just because I'm feeling like wasting time I thought I'd share it here too.

Age I was given: 30
I lived in: Chiswick
I was married to Noreen (by about 2 years)
I drove: myself into depression
I worked at: IBM in Sudbury Hill
I wanted to be: out of the scrofulous flat we lived in (and achieved it while still 30)
I feared: failure

I am now: 62
I live in: Sudbury Hill
I am still married to Noreen
I drive: a PC all day
I work at: retirement (and a little community giveback)
I want to be: financially secure
I fear: losing my marbles

Add a comment to this post and I'll give you an age so you can continue this silliness.

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