06 February 2013

Five Questions, Series 3, #2

So let's try to catch up a little. Here is an answer to the second of the Five Question.

Question 2. What are three things about you that most people either don’t know or wouldn’t expect?

This is actually quite hard. Over the years I have answered this sort of question so many times that I think I've run out of things which you don't know about me. You know most of my medical history, about my childhood; my piercing; what I like and don't like; what I want to do and will not do. So what's left?

Well here are three things. I may have told you (some of) them before but I don't recall doing so.
  1. Never ask me to make, build or mend anything: I have the dexterity of a bull in a china shop and the patience of an angry wasp. And if you think I'm bad I have only 10 left thumbs. My father was far worse: he had 20 left thumbs. He even said it against himself: "If I mend the vacuum cleaner, I have a bicycle saddle left over".

  2. Very few people of any fame share my birthday; it seems to be a non-day in that respect. The best know three I can find are the former UK miners' leader and socialist agitator, Arthur Scargill; Harry Gordon Selfridge, founder of the eponymous department store in London; and the golfer Ben Crenshaw.

  3. I'm not scared of going to either the dentist or the doctor. Yes, OK, I get anxious about unpleasant treatments when I don't know what the medics are going to do to me — which I guess is normal. Most people seem to detest even the idea of going to the dentist. Conversely I enjoy it! I have a good relationship with my dentist, who's an interesting guy. I like his attitude as a dentist: the best will do for my patients, so he's right up with the best current technology. He doesn't do anything by way of treatment unless he needs to; he doesn't believe in taking gold out of one's pocket without good reason. He's highly skilled, inventive and amazingly dexterous; as he says "What is dentistry if it isn't DIY?". And we always seem to end up having an interesting or amusing conversation about something scientific or medical.

Will that do?

Now it's your turn to show me yours. 😉

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