20 January 2013

You May Have Missed ...

Our regular-ish look at things which have interested or amused me, but which you may have missed.

Let's deal with the medical and scientific items first ...

Tamiflu — the wonder drug that kills off 'flu. Except it doesn't. Here are five things you should know about it.

Can't think why anyone would want to make tea from coffee leaves. Until someone decides it has health benefits. Maybe — it seems the jury is still out on the importance of antioxidants.

So what really does happen if you drop a steak from an altitude of 100km without a parachute?

There's this cunning Japanese way of multiplying big numbers quickly. Mind-bogglingly strange to us westerners, but it does seem to work.

Well who would have guessed? Apparently cats take on their owners' habits — both good and bad.

So now let's degenerate into the more secular ...

So just why is it that we British are revolted by the idea of eating horse? It doesn't seem very logical.

There's been a bit of a kerfuffle this week — at least there would have been if anyone had understood it. The Health Minister, Jeremy Hunt, has decreed that all health records will be shareable throughout the NHS within a year. And about bloody time too! This is the sort of JFDI leadership the NHS needs, especially as it will save a shedload of money. But I spy a large squadron of pigs taking off from Heathrow Airport. The intention may be good, but it won't happen; neither the government nor the NHS have the first clue about running the massive IT projects this will need; they won't take advice from industry experts and they won't pay for quality suppliers. And then there are the wallahs that worry about privacy — how is it more important that no-one knows anything than we get quality healthcare?

Meanwhile Will Self has been staring at The Shard and wondering why we do this to ourselves.

Le Mont Saint Michel (Manche-FR)

Aerial views of another sort ... here are some stunning photographs taken from kites.

Hopefully this may be one up for women's liberation in sport. Apparently Women's Cricket wicket-keeper (Sarah Taylor) could be playing for Sussex (men's) 2nd XI next season. About bloody time too! This should have happened years ago. There is nothing in the laws of cricket which says anything about gender restriction. I threatened to do this at club 3rd XI level some 35 years ago (the wife of one of our players was a good cricketer in her own right) and I got roundly condemned for the very idea. Couldn't see what the fuss was about then and I still can't, especially as there have always been mixed hockey games.

Finally, following up on a previous post, last Sunday (13 Jan) saw the annual "No Pants on the Subway" events — not just in London but around the world. The Telegraph has the pictures.

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