13 January 2013

Things You May have Missed

Another in our irregular series of links to articles which interested or amused me, and which might do the same for you. So in no special order ...

It seems the Roman shipwreck which produced the amazing Antikythera mechanism may well have many more secrets to reveal. And it may even be two ships. Coverage by USA Today and by Discovery. Incidentally I have yet to see convincing dating evidence of the Antikythera mechanism to prove it isn't a fake.

It is being suggested that the Vaux Passional (which is in the National Library of Wales) contains a thumnail sketch of Henry VIII as a child. Yes, maybe, with the eye of faith!

Still on things historical, the London Underground is celebrating it's 150th anniversary this month and as you'd expect there is a plethora of articles. The two which caught my eye were both in the Telegraph: a pictorial history and 150 fascinating Tube facts.

Coming up to date there is an interesting item on Scientific American blogs about plastic money. No, not credit cards, but plastic (or plasticised) banknotes. It seems like the obvious way to go, but as always the UK is being conservative and slow at adopting the idea.

On the medical front (or maybe I mean back?) we've probably all heard by now of the new idea of faecal transplants as a method of resolving serious gut infections. But now researchers are trying to take the "ick-factor" out of the idea by manufacturing "pseudo-poo". Seems obvious and rather less yeuchy as well as allowing better controlled dosages and better protection against side-effect infections.

Finally several people seem to have picked up on some old work suggesting that many common houseplants actually remove nasty chemicals from the air in your home. Choose from quite a long list.

That's all for now. More anon.

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