31 January 2013

More Missed Delights

Our irregular round-up of articles you may have missed, and wish you hadn't.

First off here's London's Mayor, Bumbling Boris, from about 10 days ago on snow and winter weather. Actually he makes a lot of sense, which despite his reputation as court jester is not unusual.

Help! My brain is trapped ...

An interesting article about the much overlooked third kingdom of life, the Archaea, and their discovery.

It seems, at least from this article, that, as many of us suggested, mental attrition is going to be the biggest fallout from the Fukushima disaster.

So just how do you photograph one of the world's largest and oldest trees, a Giant Sequoia? And get a stunning result as well. (Click the image for a larger view.)

So you thought I was loopy? Well at least I haven't collected bread bag tags and organised them into a taxonomy and phylogeny. Methinks someone needs to get out more ... or maybe not, 'cos they'd only by more bread.

So, according to the Chief Inspector of Schools Britain's brightest pupils are being failed by state schools. That's so perceptive of him. As with many of the ills in modern British society, I blame Harold Wilson — and that's something I want to write more about when I have some time.

In another surprise finding scientists have discovered that babies walk better naked than they do in nappies. Who would have thought that a load of towelling (or equivalent) between their legs would have made a difference? Duh!

Next here's a long but interesting article on our rituals and how they divide into essentially two categories: "doctrinal" (large group & public) and "imagistic" (smaller group & more personal), although both are about gluing society together. But what about those rituals one performs alone? They don't seem to obviously fit this theory.

Finally a rather sad tale of someone who can no longer live in our multi-ethnic society. I can understand this, especially as it is written about another area of the borough in which I live. But it is sad that it has come to this. Why can we not get our immigrant communities (many of whom are now second or third generation) to integrate better?

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