17 January 2013

Make up Your Mind!

Have you ever noticed how we always get, even through "official" sources, lots of variation in the stories covered by the media?

Yesterday's horrific helicopter crash in Vauxhall was a case in point.

Everyone agrees that the chopper hit the crane on a tall building under construction. But no-one could (initially) agree where the wreckage landed:
  • In the road below the crane
  • In Wandsworth Road, 150m away
  • From an aerial view (via I suspect Google Maps) that site looked more like 300m even in a straight line
  • But the crash site was indeed in Wandsworth Road, not where first shown but more like 4-500m away from the crane
And then there was the workman (or was it two men?) who should have been in the crane at the time of the crash. Because he wasn't in the crane he had a lucky escape. But why was he not in the crane?
  • He was late to work because of being held up taking his daughter to school
  • He wasn't allowed into the crane because of the fog (aka low cloud) obscuring visibility so there could be no crane activity
  • And this morning apparently it was two men who both overslept

FFS guys, get it right. If you don't know, don't make it up! — say you don't know.

But of course Joe Public thinks admitting to not knowing is a sign of weakness, so they guess. Whereas in fact admitting not knowing is a sign of strength and maturity.

Let's just hope none of these people have to be witnesses in court!

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