17 December 2012

Word : Peavey


Well, neither the OED:
A lumberer's cant-hook having a spike at the end of the lever.
nor the more US-centric Free Dictionary:
An implement consisting of a wooden shaft with a metal point and a hinged hook near the end, used to handle logs
actually help us a lot here.

Fortunately Wikipedia is more forthcoming:
A peavey or peavey hook is a logging tool consisting of a handle, generally from 30 to 50 inches long ... with a metal spike protruding from the end. The spike is rammed into a log, then a hook (at the end of an arm attached to a pivot a short distance up the handle) grabs the log at a second location. Once engaged, the handle gives the operator leverage to roll or slide or float the log to a new position.

The peavey was named for blacksmith Joseph Peavey of Upper Stillwater, Maine, who invented the tool as a refinement to the cant hook ...
And just so's you know a cant hook is a peavey with a blunt end.

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