19 December 2012

What Little Thing Might Change Your Life?

A few days ago Leo Babauta posted 28 Brilliant Tips for Living Life over on his Zenhabits blog. It is a compilation of tips suggested after he asked "What's the best tip that has made your life better/easier?".

Now some of them seem trite, some I don't agree with and some just don't work for me. Which is fine; that's as it should be. Nevertheless there is a nucleus which many of us — me included! — would I think benefit from. So here's a selection.

  • Use travel delay as opportunity to stop rather than get stressed. When the world stands still, let it.
  • Stop clinging and embrace change as a constant.
  • Try and give people the benefit of the doubt if they snap at you. Might be something going on you don’t know about.
  • Life is so much easier when you make a decision within 5 minutes. Longer than that and you get bogged down & never decide.
  • Friendship is a gift, not a possession.
  • Mostly nothing is that serious as it seems in the first moment.
  • When you think you want something, put it on the planner a month from now. When that month rolls around and you still want it, OK.
  • Smiling ... seems to help with most things. :-)
  • Expecting less or nothing, and just being. That way disappointments are nil and you are pleasantly surprised often.
  • QTIP: quit taking it personally.
  • When in doubt, take a deep breath.

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