09 December 2012

Reasons to be Grateful: 56

Well week 56 of the great experiment (in which I'm documenting five things which have made me happy of for which I'm grateful during the week) has been another busy one. In fact things have been sufficiently hectic that we're at risk of getting all behind with Christmas preparations — cards have yet to be written! Nevertheless here's this week's selection ...
  1. Small Potted Christmas Trees. Again this year Waitrose are selling small (30-45 cm) pot grown Christmas trees. And they're ready decorated with some Chrstmassy shapes and a little string of battery driven lights. This is how I like real Christmas trees: small and growing. Needless to say we bought one to adorn the dining table (lights and decs from last year's tree added). And after Christmas it will go in the garden, probably in a tub for a few years, to eventually be planted out somewhere.

  2. Monday Lie-in. Despite the business we were able to have Monday with on alarm clocks ringing. In consequence I slept late and well, and actually felt refreshed for it.

  3. Frosty, Sunny Mornings. Again, as it should be at this time of year, several mornings this week have been cold and frosty, but also bright and sunny. Which I find most refreshing.

  4. Sun-Roast Cat. It was one day early in the week that Harry the Cat was sitting in the sunshine on the windowsill by my desk before coming ad insisting on lying on my desk. He was well roasted in the sun, and happy and purry.

  5. Handel's Messiah. Last evening we went with our friends Sue & Ziggy to a performance of Handel's Messiah given by the Ealing Abbey School Choir. Messiah is quite a big ask for a school choir as it needs a lot of dynamic range and attack, which often comes only with maturity (due purely to lung and chest capacity). But the chior, the soloists and the orchestra were all excellent. A most enjoyable evening.

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