24 December 2012

More Amusements You May Have Missed

Another round of amusements you may have missed. In no special order except the most Christmassy bits are last ...

Some models of the universe suggest that we're living in a computer simulation run by some higher order. But how would we ever know? Would we ever care?

Did you worry that oblivion was going to happen on 21 December? No of course you didn't, and here's why you didn't.

I'm not sure if this is good or bad news. It seems that boxed wine spoils quicker than bottled wine. Apparently it's all to do wth oxygen permeability

Boys ... Finally you have an excuse for squeezing your lady's boobs. Apparently it stops breast cancer. What do you mean you don't need an excuse!? Tut! Tut!

Carl Zimmer is still collecting geeky science tattoos (attached to other scientists). Here's the latest stunning example. The cleavage isn't bag either. ;-)

Interesting perspective on the development of antibiotics, how it nearly didn't happen and what they actually do to us.

Scientists at London's Kew Gardens have discovered over one new species of plant a week during 2012, including a previously unknown tree that the locals say weeps dragon's blood.

More appropriate to Halloween than Christmas here are 12 horrific surgical instruments of torture.

Have you ever wondered what English would be like with an alphabet of 38 letters? Because that's what we could have had as there are 12 letters which didn't make the cut.

How is the Tooth Fairy like the Higgs Boson? ... On the quantum mechanics of the tooth fairy.

And now the really Christmassy bits ...

Prof. Alice Roberts on our early ancestors' relationship with the amazing reindeer.

And last, but by no means least ...

How the Three Wise Men could so easily have ended up in Botswana or at the North Pole.

Happy Christmas everyone. This feature will resume next year!

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