25 November 2012

Reasons to be Grateful: 54

Well the week started off OK but it has ended crappily as I awoke on Friday morning with a filthy head-cold. Friday was a struggle, Saturday was a no-go area and today I'm feeling about back to where I was on Friday; so hopefully I'll be a lot better tomorrow after a decent night's sleep.

So anyway, this is week 54 (so we should finish the first weekend of the new year) of the experiment documenting five things which have made me happy of for which I'm grateful this week.
  1. Sausages. We've had two absolutely delicious sets of sausages this week. The first were Park and Black Pudding from Waitrose. The second are the stars, from our favourite butchers, Hiltons in Pinner: they make their own called Pinner Royal. These are award-winning sausages and maybe the best I've ever tasted. They're succulent, densely meaty and very tasty — partly as they contain some pimento and partly because Hiltons use good meat. Hiltons are good because they specialise in organic, free-range and humanely reared meat, so you get something that looks, feels and tastes like proper meat rather than a piece of soggy pink plastic.

  2. Sinex Nasal Spray. I dislike using nasal spray as I know they can wreck nasal membranes. But very occasionally it is necessary, as it was last night in order to be able to breathe and get a decent night's sleep.

  3. Wednesday's Sunset. We were coming back from Pinner at sunset on Wednesday, and the sunset was absolutely stunning. Lots of dark peachy-orangey cloud above a bright azure blue sky. I did photograph it, but they really don't do it justice; the blue just didn't come through.


  4. Osteopathy. Wednesday's trip to Pinner was partly for hypnotherapy and osteopathy. On Tuesday I managed to hurt my right wrist (no, not like that!). I've done it before and it was hugely painful for a long time, so I knew I needed to get Chris to treat it ASAP. It seems that, as before, I had misaligned one of the small wrist bones — quite commonly done, apparently, pushing open doors. Chris gave it a waggley-twist and wrench. As he was doing the waggley-twist there was this grindy-grindy noise and feeling, followed by a snap putting it back. Now I know some people don't like this and can't stand cracking knuckles. But I don't mind; indeed I quite like that connection with what my body's doing.

  5. Nice People. Noreen and I have spent two mornings this week at our doctor's (guess where the head-cold came from?) talking to patients in the hope of getting some interested in joining the Patient Participation Group. I've been pleasantly surprised by how nice people are. Very very few have said a flat "no, don't want to know" and the vast majority have at least taken a flyer away and said I'll read it and consider. What pleased me even more is that many of those most interested are the under-30s, both male and female, and of all ethnic backgrounds; also a good few young mums. We've met some interesting people and a few pretty girls; not many pretty boys though.

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