18 November 2012

Reasons to be Grateful: 53

Week 53 and we get to the hardest part of the experiment: not just keeping focus and motivation for the last few weeks but also surviving winter. The greyness has really caught up with me in the last 2-3 weeks. Anyway here is this week's pick of five things which have made me happy of for which I'm grateful this week.

  1. Golden Leaves. Yes we still have lots of rich golden leaves on the trees — although fewer today after a very cold night — and they've looked just glorious in the winter ...
    Golden Leaves
  2. Sunshine. Yes, sorry I have to repeat myself, especially at this time of year, as I really do appreciate every drop of sunshine we get. Not only do I suffer from SAD but I hate dull, grey, damp days. I'd much rather have bright, cold alpine weather.

  3. Nice Scrabble Words. Scrabble, even played against oneself during sleepless nights, is pretty good at keeping the mind active. And being competitive I always want to beat my own best score. I enjoy being able to play unusual, fun or interesting words too. Like GNEISS or DJINN. Neither scored outrageously high but when I played DJINN a few days ago it resulted in a series of four very high scoring moves.

  4. Wine Deliveries. The wine rack is overflowing. Because we thsi week we had three wine deliveris. What do you mean "Why?"? Because (a) the wine rack was almost empty, (b) it's approaching Christmas and (c) because it's time for ...

  5. Beaujolais Nouveau. No I'm not someone who is sniffy about Beaujoias Nouveau. Partly because we've found Nick Dobson Wines who ship wine from a couple of very small producers who create good wines, even in challenging years like this one.

    Vincent Lacondemine, Beaujolais Villages Nouveau. Light, bright, cool, refreshing berry fruits; ruby red, obviously young but oh so drinkable. If anything it's even smoother than last year's despite the awful summer. How did I manage to stop at just one bottle? If that's what the nouveau is like the vintage should be excellent!

    Phillipe Deschamps, Beaujolais Nouveau. Initially much smoother on the palate than the Lacondemine, but not as characterful, thinner with more low molecular weight esters (amyl acetate comes through). Very drinkable, but so far I prefer the Vincent Lacondemine.

    I drink this stuff because I actually like it. We don't all like to drink heavy, robust red wine all the time. And isn't all part of enjoying the year's rich cycle — along with the SAD.

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