11 November 2012

Reasons to be Grateful: 52

Through the haze of whatever lurgy is trying its best to sink me at the moment here's my contributions for week 52 of my experiment in documenting five things each week which have made me happy of for which I'm grateful.
  1. Autumn Colours. Although the leaves are beginning to fall quite quickly now we've had a frost or two, there's still some glorious autumn colour around (and a surprising amount of green too) — which looks wonderful on a nice sunny day like today. These photos were taken earlier today in our garden.
  2. Acer Leaf
  3. Baked Ham & Red Cabbage. Earlier in the week we had a baked gammon joint. And delightfully flavoursome, tender and succulent it was too! |To accompany it there was red cabbage: sliced and braised with some onion and cooking apple and then simmered slowly with a glass or two of red wine. Add pepper, caraway seeds, garlic to taste. A most excellent winter warmer veg.

  4. Wasps. Yep we've still got our wasps around. Not so many now it is colder, but still the odd few in the house, with more in the attic. They're mostly a mix of queens and workers, although I've seen at least one drone this week.

  5. Rump Steak. Also earlier in the week we had a couple of really juicy and tender pieces of rump steak, courtesy of Waitrose. They have to have been some of the best pieces of steak I've ever had, they were just so tender.
  6. Rose Hip
  7. Squirrels. And finally our resident squirrel, we discovered this afternoon, actually is resident — it has build it's nest in the ivy at the top of our hawthorn tree. While in the garden we saw it running through the trees and Noreen spotted it sitting in its drey, a pair of ears and a beady eye poking over the edge! I like squirrels, despite that they are only tree rats, and I feel honoured to have one nesting in the garden.

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