04 November 2012

Reasons to be Grateful: 51

So here we are at week 51 of my experiment in documenting five things each week which have made me happy of for which I'm grateful. It's been a busy week, not helped by the fact that I was knocked out last weekend and the beginning of the week by my annual 'flu jab.

Anyway, just for Sue, here's this week totally non-foodie selection.
  1. Golden Leaves. Many of the trees are still green, but there are also a lot of wonderful golden-yellow autumnal colours as well.

  2. Clear Dental Check-up. We had our twice yearly dental check-ups this week. And we both got away with nothing needing doing — though we had to run the gauntlet of the hygienist as well.

  3. Vintage Cars. Yesterday was our quarterly Anthony Powell Society London pub meet (always enjoyable) and one of the nice things about going into central London this day is that there are often vintage cars driving around getting ready for the London to Brighton run the following day. Although there weren't many around yesterday I did see the one above receiving some attention near Lancaster Gate, having just been pushed out of the traffic. I managed a quick squint at the engine as we passed, and the cylinder block was tiny — little more than half the size of a shoebox.

  4. Sunshine. When we see it, as we did a couple of times this week, I always feel much better.

  5. Top Hat. I bought a top hat this week. You know, the way one does. It isn't really for wearing but more to provide a fun hat to be passed round at AP Soc. gatherings.

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