14 November 2012

Gallery: The Eighties

Bravery. That's what's called for, at least for many, to do Tara's Gallery this week. Because the theme is The Eighties. So there's megatons of opportunity for embarrassment.

Not from here though, as I don't have much by way of photos from the 80s — at least not scanned or readily to hand — and besides we've never been ones for taking loads of snapshots of each other. However I have found these ...

kcm76 and Parents, 1984

This first (from 1984) is me (centre left) with my parents at the private view of Jolly Hockey Sticks, an exhibition centred around girls school stories curated by Noreen at what is now the V&A Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green.

Note my already spreading waistline and the Young's brewery tie. I'm only surprised I don't obviously have a glass of wine: I would have needed it because this was time when we were paying 17½% interest on our mortgage (3% above base rate). But we survived and even paid the mortgage off several years early. Oh for the "good old days", formerly known as "these trying times"!


This is the little terraced house I was brought up in during the '50s and '60s. It's seen here in the estate agent's mugshot from when my parents sold it and moved to Norwich in 1988. Built around 1937 these were the late-30s equivalent of the Victorian "2-up, 2-down".

Note the state of the garden wall! Those walls were forever falling down as they had poor foundations and were apparently built on an old field ditch!

Floss Cat

And finally this is the first cat Noreen and I had. Well Floss (not our choice of name, he was a rescue) and Pickle came at the same time almost as soon as we had our own house in 1981. This is a serendipitous capture from sometime in the early/mid-80s. The cats didn't wear collars for very long: they rubbed the fur off their necks and the bells were useless at stopping them chasing birds as they just learnt to run with their chins down to muffle the sound!


  1. This made me think of the lovely bungalow that I was raised in during the 80's - great memories x

  2. Haha, bravery indeed - especially with the hair dos and fashion one used to don throughout that decade. Fortunately, I don't have any photos to hand of me during the 80's so I'm not tempted to kill you all with laughter!

    That looks like one mean cat!!
    CJ x

  3. CJ: No not a mean cat at all! He was a big cat and a fine, athletic hunter who made almost 18. But he was a rescue who spent his first 6 months with us having a nervous breakdown in our wardrobe, after which he was as soft as butter.