30 November 2012

Catching Up ...

Blimey it's busy round here! Even when you aren't trying to get rid of a really dirty cold. At last this morning I have a chance to try to catch up a bit as I've been excused supermarket duty, so here is your occasional catch-up on links to items you may have missed. In the order I have them noted ...

Does chocolate make you clever? Probably not but countries with a high per capita chocolate consumption also have more Nobel Prize winners.

Rules are there for a reason, allegedly. There aren't for us to pick and mix the ones we like. A short excursion into why this is.

The received wisdom is that children are natural scientists. But apparently they aren't, though they are inquisitive — and there's a difference.

Apparently city birds are adapting to an unusual predator: cats. Yep, over generations the birds are modifying their behaviour towards what is for them a relatively novel enemy.

So who do you trust to tell you the truth? Nobody much it seems.

Mary Rose won't die! Now scientists are identifying the shipwreck's elite archers by the fact that their skeleton show signs of RSI.

Who killed Tycho Brahe, the 16th century Danish astronomer? Jennifer Ouellette investigates and discovers that the answer is: nobody.

Please tell me it is 1st April! Apparently San Francisco are trying to ban the obese from wearing clothes. They reckon it's going to shame them into thinning. I think (hope) it might backfire.

According to the sources who know (ie. the Daily Mail) the Pope is stealing our traditional Christmas. Why should we care?

Earlier in the week the Police shut part of Whitehall because an idiot climbed a statue and then stripped. As usual the reaction is completely OTT. While I don't condone the damage to the statue but public nudity is not per se an offence. I suspect that if the police had ignored the whole thing the guy would have got bored and gone away within 5 minutes, instead of which they make a huge drama out of it.

Can you identify corporate logos? Probably. Can you identify tree leaves? Probably not. A nice diagram from Evopropinquitous as an antidote to this state of affairs.

Diamond Geezer goes in search of the birth of our favourite supermarkets. Did you know Waitrose was founded by Messrs Waite, Rose and Taylor and their first store was in Acton? Or that Liptons (remember them?) started in Glasgow? No neither did I.

Here's an important post on a rare but important sleep disorder. But because it can be very like some other sleep disorders it may not be so rare.

How do you lose an island?

The Geese Book, a delightful medieval manuscript is now available online. Here's a report and here's a link to the actual book.

And finally here's one for all you geek girls out there. Hack your vibrator so it listens to your body. This is how Beth did it. And Emily is in awe!

Have fun!

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