01 November 2012

Another Catch-up

More links to the interesting amusing or curious you may have missed ...

Someone has finally realised that there is no way to totally shield children from pornography and that they're going to find it anyway. So what?, I say. They have to learn these things sooner or later. And how much better to have it out in the open (Oooo, missus!) and that they learn about such things in the comforting environment of home. Oh, they don't have homes. Hmmm ...

Scientists reckon that after a lot of work they're finally beginning to be able to decode the contents of dreams, without waking up the subject.

This one is definitely not for teatime, and maybe not for work! Pictures of the world's most revolting cakes. Nah, there must be worse than these, surely!

More pictures, and of all sorts of things. But these are seen microscope photos and many are rather beautiful. See how many you can correctly guess.

So we're always being told we should drink 8 glasses of water a day. Why? Well actually no-one really knows, or where the myth started. I'll take my share in beer, thanks!

We're always being told that fresh pee is sterile. So in another item Mind the Science Gap asks "Mommy, why do I need to wash my hands if I only pee?". Interesting take on house-training boy children!

Waht to really stand out from Nature's crowd? Be true blue!

They think it's good, but from here it looks more like a disaster for book publishing. Penguin and Random House to merge (subject to regulatory approval).

Duke of York Column

Somewhere in London there's an observation tower, masquerading as a memorial column, which has been closed to the public for 130 years. IanVisits would like to see the Duke of York Column, just off Pall Mall, reopened. I bet most Londoners don't even know it exists!

And finally it's party time down in Kent. Archaeologists have found the remains of what appears to be a 6th century Saxon nightclub (ie. a feasting hall) in Lyminge. It sounds seriously impressive.

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