28 October 2012

Reasons to be Grateful: 50

Week 50 of the experiment, and just ten weeks to go documenting five things each week which have made me happy of for which I'm grateful. This week we have ... Oh God, it's going to be a foodie week again!
  1. Pickled Onions. I don't eat pickled onions for months at a stretch, and then I decide I want them, which is what happened this week. Why I don't eat them all the time I don't know, 'cos I always really enjoy them. Unless you're going to the fiddler of doing your own (which I used to) then Garner's are the best available by a long way.

  2. Lime & Chilli Prawns. This was the last thing I did before collapsing with the after-effects of the 'flu jab. King prawns, with the juice and zest of a couple of limes, a chilli, some onion, garlic, tomato and mushroom; sautéed and served with pasta, à la mode d'ici.

  3. Queen Wasps. Just as blogged earlier in the week. And I can confirm they are indeed Vespula vulgaris as I suspected.

  4. Chillies. The chilli crop is nearing the end; there are just a handful left to ripen and the flowers have almost ceased. Even the prolific tiny red Explosive Ember are petering out. But earlier this week I picked a magnificent collection of about 10 each of the large yellow Scotch Bonnet Yellow Mushroom and Hot Lemon.

  5. Thicker Duvet. It's got noticeably colder this week — and you know it's cold when I say it is because I'm normally a warm mortal. Although I'm not sure we really need it yet it is nice to snuggle under the heavier weight duvet. The cats like it too!

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