30 October 2012

Greenford Wasp Day

Today has been declared Greenford Wasp Day.

Yep, as blogged a week ago, we still have loads of (mostly queen) wasps around. And I do mean loads.

Despite the cold weekend, on average over the past few days we have been evicting two or three a day from the house. They are mostly queens of Vespula vulgaris, the common wasp.

Today was no exception. Until, that is, Noreen made the mistake of going into the loft. From her description it sounds as if the airspace up there was a bit like the Battle of Britain! She caught and evicted around 20 wasps in the space of about 30 minutes. And even then left at least half a dozen in the loft. Every one I was shown was a queen.

Not only is the nest in our eaves, but the loft provides some superb hibernation real estate. There are cracks between the boards, tiles and rafters; there are cardboard boxes, there are cracks in the brickwork — just endless nooks and crannies.

I am just absolutely amazed that not only are the wasps still around, and hatching out, but that we have so many. The colony must have been breeding nothing but queens all summer!

Mind you, for every ten we put out probably at most one will see next Spring.

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