13 February 2011

Pubic Hair Removal – Why?

An interesting article in the Guardian on Friday (11 Feb) by Bidisha in which she asks why women are these days removing their pubic hair. Her contention is that it's a fashion (almost certainly) and that it is generally a bad idea, psychologically, for both men and women. I'm not sure I entirely agree with this, but it's an interesting argument:
Are women so ashamed of their bodies' natural beauty, so unaccepting of things as they are that they will do anything at all, even if it's degrading, to get some willy time? A man who withholds his attention and affection according to the follicle count of a lady's crotch doesn't deserve intimacy with a real-life woman. A man who likes a woman without pubic hair despises adult women so much that he wants us to resemble children [...]

I worry about these men too [...] They are now in danger of returning to a Victorian naivety. They may well believe that [...] women naturally do not have any body hair. Upon seeing some real hair on a real woman for the first time they may well vomit or faint, or both [...]

As for the women, don't you have anything more interesting to do than dutifully coif your cassoulet?
You can find the full article here.

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