09 December 2010

Defining the Normal

From the Feedback column of New Scientist, 4 December 2011 ...
Composing witty error messages has long been one of the ways [...] in which geeks try to show their human side. We're not so sure what species of side is exhibited by the geeks responsible for the nLab, a website devoted to "collaborative work on Mathematics, Physics and Philosophy" in the context of "category theory", which is ... er ... a set of mathematical tools for describing general abstract structures in mathematics and relations between them. And the general abstract relations between those relations, and so on up ...

It is perhaps inevitable that the holding page they have prepared for times when the nLab site isn't working [...] announces that it is [...]

"currently experiencing some difficulties due to local fluctuations in reality. The Lab Elves are working hard to patch reality. In the meantime, edits on the nLab have been temporarily disabled since the fundamentals of mathematics may vary during these spasmodic variations. Normal service will be restored once we are sure what 'normal' is."

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