29 February 2008


Thinking, originally uploaded by kcm76.

Apologies for the long silence here; I've had a very hectic 3 weeks: a week's holiday in Germany (pictures here with many more to come; I'm still working my way through the 1000 shots I took!), a business trip to the enticements of Manchester, a really filthy headcold and mountains of work. But with luck normal service will be resumed RSN.

I actually took a day off work today, and apart from a doctor's appointment, I've done almost nothing. The most creative enterprise of the day is this self-portrait. It really is about all I've got to show for the day!

I have Monday off as well, so if the weather is good I might take myself off on a photographic trip somewhere. If I can get myself out of the sloth of lying in bed that is. :-)

05 February 2008


I came across this book today.

04 February 2008

Unintended Consequences

The Law of Unintended Consequences is alive and well! Diary of a Nudist has blogged about the reaction to recent attempts to clamp down on perceived indecent images. In two cases, ABC being fined for showing female buttocks before the watershed (see here and here) and the charging of a store for using almost revealing photographs (see here), the result has been that the images in question are now far more widely spread that they otherwise would have been. Moreover some parts of the US are also cocking a snook at their "stripper" laws. Such activity is always one of the possible outcomes of censorship. Great that the officious have had their bluff called. Let's keep it up chaps and expose this stupidity for what it is!

02 February 2008

Open Government

There's an excellent short post over at Evolving Thoughts which succinctly addresses the need for open government. In fact it is so good I'm going to quote the key two paragraphs here:

Whenever a government […] wants to be free from oversight, the motivation, whether they are aware of it or not, is empire building and control. No government activity, not even those pertaining to that hold-all of rights denial, national security, should automatically be free from supervision. Democracy only works when government is done in the open. Otherwise it simply becomes a matter of who can rort the system most effectively, as we see with the Bush administration today.

No special powers are required to prevent terrorism, just good old fashioned police work. No special acts of parliament are needed to prosecute them, for insurgency and murder are already crimes. And no special politicians are needed to "lead us out of this mess", because either every political authority can do this, or we have no hope. And a democratic government, legislature or judiciary knows this already, and will act to protect our rights in a time of stress.

Precisely what I've been saying for years.

01 February 2008

Going to the Dogs

Going to the dogs is what a lot of children in Shropshire might be doing today. Why? Because Shropshire County Council have apparently closed a lot of schools today because it might snow later in the day. For heaven's sake what are these people on? We now have disruption because it might snow – not even because it's the wrong type of snow.

In my school days (1956-1969) school was never closed, and, unlike now, we were guaranteed snowfall every winter. Even during the very bad winter of 1962-63 my school didn't close. For almost the whole of that winter term we had up to 2" (5 cm) of ice on our playground, but school never closed; we came very close to being sent home (within 2-3 hours) as we were running out of heating oil but were saved by the arrival of a tanker at the 11th hour. Boo! Hiss!

How have we got to the situation where things are shut down "because it might snow"?